$400,000 in Idaho State Funding to Kill Wolves Approved by Lawmakers 

BOISE, ID – An Idaho board responsible for the killing of wolves that attack livestock and other wildlife is a step closer to getting an additional $400,000 in state funding.

The funds were approved in a 26-4 Senate vote on Wednesday. The funding now only needs the approval of Governor Brad Little.

The Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board is funded by a mix of contributions from livestock producers, Idaho Department of Fish and Game fees and the state’s general fund.

Earlier this week, the Department of Fish and Game reported the conclusion of wolf control actions done during February that removed 17 wolves in the Lolo elk zone north of Highway 12.

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Not quite sure what IDFG is Smoking, shooting or swallowing 

Not quite sure what IDFG is smoking, swallowing or shooting in their arms, but they have gone from an estimated 510 – 800 estimate for wolves in January 2019 to over 1541 the same year just a year later would lead a prudent Individual to believe they certainly have an awesome Drug Supplier.

Last Years (2019) Report

“Fish and Game last year estimated Idaho had 90 packs. The agency doesn’t count individual wolves or provide an overall wolf count number. But it notes that a typical Idaho wolf pack has six to nine wolves — meaning about 540 to 810 wolves in the state”

This Years (2019) Accounting Report in a 2020 article

“At the IDFG commission meeting on Wednesday in Boise, staff reported there were an estimated 1,541 wolves in the state during summer 2019. The estimate represents the peak population shortly after pups were born.”

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Study: More Elk Killed by Cougars than by Wolves in Idaho IDFG lied all this time

Ranchers have already asked Idaho... to kill elk also
Ranchers have already asked Idaho… to kill elk 

Study: More Elk Killed by Cougars than by Wolves in Idaho

IDFG making excuses for why they blamed wolves not cats it appears…. States that study most likely applies to surrounding states as well.

SPOKANE — More elk are being killed by cougars than by wolves in Idaho, a study by the state Department of Fish and Game has found.

The study found that wolves accounted for 32% of adult female elk deaths and 28% of elk calf deaths, while cougars accounted for 35% of adult female elk deaths and 45% of elk calf deaths.

The study also found that food availability and the severity of winter was the most important factor for elk calf survival.

“Things are usually more complicated than one thing, but it’s sometimes really hard to show that,” said Jon Horne, lead author of the paper and a senior wildlife research biologist at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

He told The Spokesman-Review that the findings are also likely applicable for Washington, Montana and Canada.

The study published earlier this year in the Journal of Wildlife Management examined 15 years of data.

“The one variable that mattered the most for calf survival was how big it was,” Horne said.

While researchers were able to consider the size of wolf packs on elk mortality, they couldn’t do that for mountain lions, which can be difficult to count.

“We didn’t have a variable like the wolf variable where we knew what the lion population size was in an area,” Horne said.

In a different study published in 2018 that examined wolves, Horne found that the average pack size didn’t change much in Idaho between 2005 and 2015 despite the beginning of wolf hunting seasons.

“On one side of the ledger you have a portion of the public that thinks that harvest is just going to send the wolves to extinction and that has not been the case,” Horne said. “And then . there is a side that thinks wolves are taking over and they will grow without limits.”

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