Gray wolves are protected, so why is the WDFW killing them?

Inslee its time to replace Holzmiller, Susewind as well as Martorello. There is no room for State Employees that only care about pandering to Ranchers. Holzmiller is to slow to figure out that ite 40 years later, and the slaughtering of Our Children’s Resources is no longer needed. Hunters have this dream that they are somehow Conservationists. They need to read the definition.

By Richard Read / Los Angeles Times

ANATONE, Wash. — Somewhere near this tiny farming town last month, a Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife hunter conducted what officials call a lethal removal, killing a gray wolf, a member of a species that the state considers endangered.

Most likely the agency employee or contractor fired a 12-gauge shotgun from a helicopter after following signals from a radio collar on a member of the Grouse Flats pack. Citing “safety reasons,” officials won’t say how or where the wolf — which they now believe to have been a breeding female — was exterminated Sept. 25.

A century after gray wolves were all but eradicated from Washington, the state is trying to encourage the return of the iconic predators, which normally hunt deer, elk and smaller wild animals. The state’s gray wolf population has gradually recovered to at least 126 since 2008, when the first two packs since the 1930s established dens.


But wildlife officials ordered the Grouse Flats extermination after determining that the pack roaming grasslands in the state’s farthest southeast corner had killed four farm animals in two months. That’s the minimum number of deaths or injuries required within 10 months for them to begin killing wolves until the livestock attacks cease.

Five days after the mother wolf was killed, Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee wrote to the director of the Fish & Wildlife department, an agency accused by animal advocates of bowing to the interests of ranchers hostile to wolves. Inslee cited public outrage over the elimination of packs near the Canadian border, and asked Kelly Susewind to find ways “to significantly reduce the need for lethal removal of this species.” He gave the director until Dec. 1 to report back.

The ultimatum from Inslee, who’s seeking a third term as governor after dropping out of the Democratic presidential campaign, irked rural residents who often feel marginalized by politicians from Washington’s more populous west side. The political divide between red and blue runs roughly north-south along the Cascade Range, with Seattle and Olympia, the capital, holding sway over the state’s eastern range country.

Jay Holzmiller, 62, is a hunter and cattle rancher in the Anatone area, the Grouse Flats pack’s home territory. He pulled himself recently into the driver’s seat of a tall crew-cab pickup in his tidy farmyard and gestured toward a neighboring ranch, one of two next to his woodlots and pastures where cattle were lost last summer to the pack.

Holzmiller, whose ranch-house walls are festooned with mounted heads of wild animals he’s shot, is troubled by declines in elk and deer herds preyed on by wolves, bears and cougars. He said that Inslee’s directive disrupts painstaking compromises reached through years of negotiations between wild-animal advocates, farmers and hunters.

Inslee nominated Holzmiller in 2013 to a six-year term on a commission that oversees the wildlife department, and then opted not to renew his appointment. The rancher feels that the commission’s membership favored environmental interests.

“We’re fighting for a way of life,” Holzmiller said. “There’s a huge concern whether our hunting culture is going to come to an end, and there’s lots of us rednecks that love to do it.”

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Scott Nielson needs to one, stop blowing smoke up the public’s you know what in the spreading of his B.S. totally Ridiculous Rhetoric! He appears to be a cast member right out of Grimms‘ Fairy Tales from the 1800’s.

One has to question why it is that they not only refuse to recognize the science that has proven every single step that they have made has only led to more losses on both sides. WDFWs leadership didnt even bother to stop the wolf advisory group members that were disrespecting Dr Robert Wielgus during a meeting.

Herein lies the source of the subject “The Old West Mentality” only cares about one thing, which is wiping out a Species in the same fashion they have done once already. However this time they have the use of so called State Agencies that refuse to follow their mission statement of applying the best available science. It is Truly telling that Directors Susewind, and Program Manager Martorello only concern is pandering to the Rancher Pressure and Damn the Public.

It is time to start bringing the needed changes to Our State Agencies. What does that entail?

Well to begin with, it will require getting precedent setting research into the courts, then getting Susewind and Martorello replaced for another, their lethal removal protocol halted until iut has been properly involved with public input, and a REAL Voice on The Wolf Advisory Group that doesnt roll over, give in, or give up because that is what they have become nothing more than parrots that regurgitate the position of Washingtons Pandering Officials.


The Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association has released this statement in response to WDFW announcing lethal removal of wolves from the Old Profanity Wolf pack…

A recent announcement by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife that it plans to “incrementally” remove wolves from the Old Profanity Wolf pack is not being welcomed by the Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association who believes the pack needs to be culled.

The Old Profanity wolf pack has attacked over 20 cattle in the last year, killing at least 13. The recent WDFW removal order from WDFW is a continuation of an effort last year to remove the pack due to its chronic pattern of attacking cattle, despite numerous non-lethal methods taken by producers.  However, WDFW only removed two wolves last year.

WDFW cites their “incremental” removal policy is done in an effort to “change the wolves’ behavior.”

However, WDFW’s efforts are actually ensuring that chronically depredating packs are never fully removed and can rebound to create more damage for ranchers, according to SCCA.

“We are having more problems than other states with wolves because we are allowing cow-killing wolves to breed,” said SCCA President Scott Nielsen.
“This ‘incremental’ approach has not worked from the beginning and is still a failed policy.”

In addition to the hardship and economic damages wolves are causing ranch families, Nielsen said the wolves are changing the behavior of other predators in the area, including bears and cougars.

“We are seeing increased numbers of bears and cougars coming down into people’s pastures and near their homes looking for an easy meal due to the increased competition from wolves,” Nielsen explained. “This situation means that if you live in rural Washington, you live in fear. You don’t go out into the woods or by rivers and meadows without something to defend yourself. You worry about your kids and pets outside. This is wrong—our residents should not have to live this way.”


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Inslee asks Washington Voters to Believe? Accept Our Face to Face Meeting Request then

This is the first time that you have ever seen Us agree with a statement from Donald Dashiell on Governor Inslee. In a Spokesman Review article, Stevens County commissioner Don Dashiell said he sees “the governor’s letter as a political move”.

Inslee had a golden egg laid at his feet to accept a press conference invitation from Protect The Wolves™ to Join them at the King County Courthouse, and he couldnt even be bothered to respond. The acceptance of that invitation would have showed the Public that he truly is concerned, rather than just riding the backs of Wolves to get Votes!

 Needless to say that Invitation is still open Governor Inslee. 

It is past time that WDFWs rancher pandering leadership is reined in, and the proper procedure involving public input not only be listened to but if it is the majority be listened to.

“We must find new methods to better support co-existence between Washington’s livestock industry and gray wolves in our state,” Inslee said in the letter. “The status quo of annual lethal removal is simply unacceptable.” Says Inslee

Inslee acknowledged that in most cases Washington’s wolves are existing peacefully with livestock and people. Seems its only McIrvin in Stevens County that is leading WDFW around by the nether parts.

  According to agency statistics 90% of Washington’s wolves aren’t causing problems. He also praised the state’s Wolf Advisory Group, which has members representing cattle, conservation and business interests, For what? We havent a Clue 😉

  Martorello can not lead a Meeting just as their Overpaid Facilitator Francine Madden could not. They successfully proved that in a September 2016 meeting when they allowed members on the Wolf Advisory Group to openly disrespect a Plos One Reviewed Scientist Dr. Robert Wielgus. Whats worse is there was only one Group that stood up to defend him. But thats ok we have broad shoulders and the truth must be told. There are others who have claimed they did but they are only blowing smoke up your proverbial tushies 😉 . We were at that particular meeting and in fact was the only Voice that stood up to tell them to “Shut the F$%# Up” because Dr Wielgus was not there to defend himself.

  Inslee has allowed WDFW to shirk their public responsibilities far too long. Has allowed WDFW to hold a Public input meeting on their lethal Protocol on a muted phone line. Then all of a sudden 2 years later he cares? Come on people Wake up. Sadly we have to agree with Dashiells Statement in the Spokesman Review that is was a political move.

 Inslee sat by and allowed the Ethics committee to dismiss an Ethics Complaint against Joel Kretz R- Okanogan County that had documented evidence alleging extortion against WSU without so much as a statement from him. Our Childrens Educational Institutions should be free from Political Extortion from the likes of Kretz.

So with a summer of conflict, with wolves killing and injuring cattle which prompted WDFW to slaughter more wolves, which if they would have looked at Dr. Robert Wielgus’s real science, they would have realized that killing wolves only leads to more depredations not preventing them.

 Susewinds letter to Inslee appears to tell him according to an Article in nwsportsmansmag that the producers decline Range Riders is also ok. What sort of a manager of Public resources would shoot himself in the foot for even allowing it?×300-200×300.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington #WolvesInTheNews

NGOs that have yet to respond to Grazing Allotment Complaint Invitation

protect the wolves, grazing allotments

This Particular Invitation to sign onto Our Colville Grazing Allotment Complaint and Closure Request was emailed August 21st, 2019

As of Today September 11th, 2019  

The Following list of Organizations have not yet responded.

  1. Center For Biological Diversity
  2. Defenders of Wildlife
  3. Humane Society, Predator Defense
  4. Pacific Northwest Wolf Coalition
  5. Endangered Species Coalition
  6. Western Environmental Law Center
  7. Cascadia Wildliands
  8. California Wolf Center
  9. Project Coyote.

It is past time for All to Join as One Voice with an Organization that has tools available that none of the above listed Groups have on Their Own.

Our Research and Path is Precedent Setting, failure to respond does not shed a positive light on the desire to actually begin stopping what is happening to Your Children’s Resources.

This list will be edited with new additions or deletions from it.×410.png #EndangeredSpeciesList #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington

NE Washington Ranchers being Helpful

protect the wolves, ban grazing allotmentsThe Billboard reads “Dangerous Predators Protect Family and Pets”!

Thank you Ranchers in NE Washington Speaking Out it appears helping people to understand that Predators help Protect Family and Pets. We finally agree on Something.

We all know that isnt what they meant, Apparently those very same Ranchers and Livestock Associations need to take a Class on writing.×225.jpg #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington

A Huge Howl and Thank you out To Wayne Pacelle founder of Animal Wellness Action

protect the wolves, protect washington wolves, Jay Inslee

A Huge Howl and Thank you out To Wayne Pacelle founder of Animal Wellness Action for finding a small path in to begin to effect Change.

We are still searching for a Firm to file a TRO based on Our Research and information which is different than has been used to date by all Large NGOs.

“This is a bittersweet courtroom victory because the Department of Fish and Wildlife gunned down four more wolves on the very morning of the judicial proceeding,” said Wayne Pacelle, founder of Animal Wellness Action. “The Department of Fish and Wildlife had a strong indication that its actions were not legally defensible, but they charged ahead anyway and all but eliminated another wolf pack.”

This Credit is being put out for the Public to see whom actually was responsible for this Small Win. Len McIrvin of the Diamond M Ranch is now responsible for the Death of what was at 18, now add 8 more to that horrific amount. All for just 1 Ranch that can not seem to get it right.

Just  a few hours after the state killed four of the five surviving members of the pack, A King County Superior Court Judge granted a preliminary injunction ordering the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to stop killing members of the Old Profanity Territory (OPT) pack Friday. You can thank The first Judge that made the initial denial. The Facts didnt change just the Judges.


Animal Wellness Action Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Wayne Pacelle •  (202) 420-0446

Jennifer McCausland • (206) 972-8555

For more information, please visit:
Animal Wellness Action

State Kills Four Wolves within Hours of Court Granting Preliminary Injunction

State has now killed 25 wolves in the Colville National Forest on behalf of Diamond M Ranch

KING COUNTY: A King County Superior Court Judge granted a preliminary injunction ordering the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to stop killing members of the Old Profanity Territory (OPT) pack Friday, just hours after the state killed four of the five surviving members of the pack.   The Center for a Humane Economy supported the legal action, brought forth by three Washington residents deeply concerned about the fate of wolves.

“This is a bittersweet courtroom victory because the Department of Fish and Wildlife gunned down four more wolves on the very morning of the judicial proceeding,” said Wayne Pacelle, founder of Animal Wellness Action. “The Department of Fish and Wildlife had a strong indication that its actions were not legally defensible, but they charged ahead anyway and all but eliminated another wolf pack.”

Only a single wolf of a pack that had nine members at the beginning of July survives. Among the wolves killed were four pups.

Complaints from Len and Bill McIrvin and other members of that family operating the Diamond M Ranch have triggered 87 percent of the state’s wolf killing. The family has declined government payments to compensate them for lost cattle, and refuses to take commonsense measures to protect its cattle from predators. Instead, it has publicly demanded the eradication of wolves from the area.

“The McIrvin family is baiting wolves with live cattle on our federal lands,” added Pacelle. “And then they complain when the inevitable occurs, and then plead with the state to kill more wolves from helicopters.”

Wolves are classified as “endangered” under Washington law.  State agents killed as many wolves this morning in the Colville National Forest as they killed all last year in the entire state.

“I am deeply disappointed that Governor Inslee ignored the requests of countless Washingtonians to intervene and stop the needless killing of these wolves,” commented Jennifer McCausland of the Center for a Humane Economy. “He could have restrained the worst instincts and actions of his own wildlife agency but he stayed on the sidelines when we needed him most.”

Robert Wielgus, a former Washington State University wildlife biologist who has studied wolves and other predators in eastern Washington, has pointed out that livestock losses to wolves were one-third of one percent (0.003) in wolf-occupied areas of Washington, except when it comes to the ranching operations of Len McIrvin, who has suffered 14 times the losses of other ranchers in wolf-occupied territory. The state has admitted that McIrvin and his Diamond M Ranch have never used quality range riding services, and in recent weeks they refused to allow the state to send a team of range riders in to protect their cattle. They have made clear that their intent is to kill wolves, not save cattle.

In recent weeks, the Center for a Humane Economy, Animal Wellness Foundation, and Animal Wellness Action have taken a series of paid advertisements to draw attention to the needlessly provocative actions of the McIrvin family and to urge the state to stop the wolf killing in favor of non-lethal management and more strategic public-land grazing.

Wolves are slowly reclaiming small portions of their original range in Washington. The state is on a pace this year to kill a fifth of the state’s wolves, which the Department of Fish and Wildlife officials had previously estimated at 125 animals.

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Protect The Wolves has Invited Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee To Join Them

Protect The Wolves has Invited

Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee To Join Them



Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves™

Dr Robert Wielgus, protect the wolves, opt profanity peak pack,
Wed. May 31, 2017. Rob Wielgus, director of the large carnivore lab at WSU howls on a Colville National Forest road near the last location of the Profanity Peak wolf pack before they were hunted down in 2016. 

Roger Dobson Director of Tribal Relations

310-494-6314 pressreleaseinfo at

Seattle Wa- August 8th 8:30 AM

Protect The Wolves™ has invited Presidential Candidate Governor Jay Inslee to Join them at the King County Courthouse .

  • When August 16th
  • Where  King County Courthouse 516 3rd Ave Seattle Wa
  • Time: 8AM

Protect The Wolves™ is CoFounded by a Washington State Tribal Member that Requests your Attendance at The OPT Pack hearing on August 16th at 8AM prior to the hearing. This will give the Governor the Opportunity to show the masses that he actually disagrees with Nationwide Wolf Delisting and not just using Wolves to Get Votes.

Protect The Wolves™ along with your constituents that can actually Vote for you in the Presidential Race will be present. Protect The Wolves Urges your attendance, to actually put your money where your mouth is showing ALL Voters in the USA that you are about what you claim!×471.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington #WolvesInTheNews #WolvesInWashington

14 SEP 2016: Emergency Rally to Speak for ALL Washington Wolves @ NorthBend  has found and publicized our Emergency Rally to speak for all Washington Wolves. Shows Links for Lodging 😉


Please Note: exact Times will change when WDFW agenda is Posted. Address will be added when WDFW confirms Northbend Address.
Protect The Wolves® Requests Your Presence
Protect The Wolves®, a Native American Religious Group, requests your presence
at the Wolf Advisory Group Meeting on September 14th and 15th
The Creator has blessed Protect the Wolves® with all of you that are following and participating in this Movement to reclaim a voice for All of our Sacred Animals. With your minds, joining their minds, this Movement will Ultimately Triumph in this War, brought on by those that only see the dollar signs.

Source: 14 SEP 2016: Emergency Rally to Speak for ALL Washington Wolves @ NorthBend #ProfanityPeakWolfPack #ProtectWolvesInWashington #WolvesInTheNews #WolvesInWashington

Dr. Robert Wielgus Man of Integrity

Published on: Aug 31, 2016

After Listening to Dr. Rob Weilgus WSU Associate Professors videos, it is in fact our belief that he is a Man of Great Integrity. Please watch this video to completion and we will leave you to your own conclusions based on facts before us.

Protect The Wolves® in their phone conversation with Dr. Rob Weilgus, invited him to sit on our Board of Directors.

Dr. Rob Weilgus that invitation still stands!!

Dr. Wielgus is an associate professor and director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University in Pullman. His research has focused on the population, behavioral and habitat ecology of large carnivores, including cougars and wolves, and their prey. Dr. Wielgus’ current research is looking at livestock mortality rates in the wolf-occupied areas of Washington over a 15-year period, as well as the effects of non-lethal interventions on reducing wolf depredations and indirect effects on livestock in Washington. #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #ProfanityPeakWolfPack #ProtectWolvesInWashington #WolvesInTheNews #WolvesInWashington