Reserve Your Tri-Fold Facemasks or 9 Pack 3m aura 9334CV FFP3 

Reserve Your Tri-Fold Facemasks or If You order the 9 Pack 3m aura 9334CV FFP3 “Today” it will arrive by 4/15/2020 barring any Mail Issues

100% of Proceeds Benefit Our Nonprofit.

Good Morning
With the President of Our Nonprofit in the middle of cancer treatment, we just payed 34.00 at a local pharmacy for 20 disposable facemasks next door to the Infusion Center. We felt that that pharmacy was taking advantage so we began to source Surgical and n95 style facemasks.
As we have time we will be sourcing more products for Our Followers.

Our 50 Pack tri-fold facemasks are 30.00 and 7.65 USPS 1 rate shipping. They are currently selling on Ebay for 50.00 plus shipping.
Our Next Shipment of tri-fold masks arrives in approximately 10 more days. Our first 10,000 sold out in a Day, so if you want them I suggest that you text Us, we will send you a link to Reserve yours.

Our Nonprofit as received several price Quotes for Surgical Masks, and N95 style masks as well coming in soon.

If you would like to participate in our sourcing pricing, let Us know, perhaps with larger quantities of 100,000 plus they can offer Us better pricing.
It helps when you work with a Nonprofit, Not only can we find you better prices, We work diligently to Protect Your Children’s Resources.

Do you need products Sourced? Allow Our Nonprofit to work on the sourcing for you. Being a Nonprofit at times gets us access to better pricing.

FFP3 Mask far better than typical FFP2 like the 8210’s they require, Medical Professionals to use..

Our FFP3 Masks are available to ship TODAY. If you want to Order I suggest you text Us immediately. Supplies may get cut off from our Supplier.

Our Offer is for 3m 3M 9334CV is a 9 Pack, This Mask is currently selling for $450.00 in other shops. We offer a 9 pack plus shipping for 225.00 plus 40.00 expedited Shipping and Handling

3M 9334CV The particle respirator contains a special mask sealing pad that not only provides the wearer with excellent comfort, but also helps to effectively improve the suitability of this mask for different face types. Protection against toxic gases, particulates, and radioactive particulate matter.
Can effectively filter 99%Oily particulate matter and non-oily particulate matter.
No crease on the face, the cushion is more skin-friendly;Uniform pressure on the head, no burden to wear.
3D three-dimensional fit; easy to wear and adjust, humanized under the design of the hand.

Use range:Mainly for dusty oily and non-oily particulates, suitable for dust workshops, haze weather, PM2.5, graffiti,Pharmaceutical, chemical, steel production, battery manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding and maintenance, grinding, welding, etc.


3M unique technology design: closed when inhaling; open when exhaling;

Aerodynamically designed bonnet: directs airflow away from the glasses and face, reducing fogging of eye protectors;

The EU requires strict use of radioactive masks, 3M 9334+FFP3,Belongs to the first level in personal protective masks,

100% of Proceeds benefit Nonprofit

Please Note: we will also be adding tri-fold masks,

as well as 8210 types that are FFP2 rated.

Due to the Nature of current events, This Product is NEW and offers no Returns.

Want it by 4/15 Purchase today Expedited Shipping Charges are 40.00 if Purchased Today. 4/3/2020, Each extra day from today adds 1 additional day to Delivery Time. We reserve the right to cancel and refund shipment as well.

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