Dec 3rd is #GivingTuesday for Nonprofits like Us

protect the wolves

Announcement: Dec 3rd is #GivingTuesday. Yes It’s a global giving moment to support the causes you love Like wolves. Wolves everywhere need research that has not been used yet like Ours. It will take an estimated $100,000 minimum for each lawsuit that we must get into the Courts using precedent setting case law that is not available to a normal nonprofit unless they are “First Nations” like we are.

How can you Help? You can help by adding just a $1.00 Donation, also by sharing our links, or You can help by  by creating your own Fundraiser here: and scheduling it to begin at 5am December 3rd.

Donations to US nonprofits on Dec 3rd could be matched up to $100K by Facebook starting 5am PST/8am EST! So Mark your calendars.

#GivingTuesday, the antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Give back Dec 3rd by donating or creating your own fundraiser for @protectthewolves

Hopefully This will magnify our opportunities of getting facebook to notice Us on #GivingTuesday with the more of Our Followers that create their Own Fundraisers.×200.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #WolvesInTheNews #WolvesInWashington

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