Inslee asks Washington Voters to Believe? Accept Our Face to Face Meeting Request then

This is the first time that you have ever seen Us agree with a statement from Donald Dashiell on Governor Inslee. In a Spokesman Review article, Stevens County commissioner Don Dashiell said he sees “the governor’s letter as a political move”.

Inslee had a golden egg laid at his feet to accept a press conference invitation from Protect The Wolves™ to Join them at the King County Courthouse, and he couldnt even be bothered to respond. The acceptance of that invitation would have showed the Public that he truly is concerned, rather than just riding the backs of Wolves to get Votes!

 Needless to say that Invitation is still open Governor Inslee. 

It is past time that WDFWs rancher pandering leadership is reined in, and the proper procedure involving public input not only be listened to but if it is the majority be listened to.

“We must find new methods to better support co-existence between Washington’s livestock industry and gray wolves in our state,” Inslee said in the letter. “The status quo of annual lethal removal is simply unacceptable.” Says Inslee

Inslee acknowledged that in most cases Washington’s wolves are existing peacefully with livestock and people. Seems its only McIrvin in Stevens County that is leading WDFW around by the nether parts.

  According to agency statistics 90% of Washington’s wolves aren’t causing problems. He also praised the state’s Wolf Advisory Group, which has members representing cattle, conservation and business interests, For what? We havent a Clue 😉

  Martorello can not lead a Meeting just as their Overpaid Facilitator Francine Madden could not. They successfully proved that in a September 2016 meeting when they allowed members on the Wolf Advisory Group to openly disrespect a Plos One Reviewed Scientist Dr. Robert Wielgus. Whats worse is there was only one Group that stood up to defend him. But thats ok we have broad shoulders and the truth must be told. There are others who have claimed they did but they are only blowing smoke up your proverbial tushies 😉 . We were at that particular meeting and in fact was the only Voice that stood up to tell them to “Shut the F$%# Up” because Dr Wielgus was not there to defend himself.

  Inslee has allowed WDFW to shirk their public responsibilities far too long. Has allowed WDFW to hold a Public input meeting on their lethal Protocol on a muted phone line. Then all of a sudden 2 years later he cares? Come on people Wake up. Sadly we have to agree with Dashiells Statement in the Spokesman Review that is was a political move.

 Inslee sat by and allowed the Ethics committee to dismiss an Ethics Complaint against Joel Kretz R- Okanogan County that had documented evidence alleging extortion against WSU without so much as a statement from him. Our Childrens Educational Institutions should be free from Political Extortion from the likes of Kretz.

So with a summer of conflict, with wolves killing and injuring cattle which prompted WDFW to slaughter more wolves, which if they would have looked at Dr. Robert Wielgus’s real science, they would have realized that killing wolves only leads to more depredations not preventing them.

 Susewinds letter to Inslee appears to tell him according to an Article in nwsportsmansmag that the producers decline Range Riders is also ok. What sort of a manager of Public resources would shoot himself in the foot for even allowing it?×300-200×300.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington #WolvesInTheNews

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