NGOs that have yet to respond to Grazing Allotment Complaint Invitation

protect the wolves, grazing allotments

This Particular Invitation to sign onto Our Colville Grazing Allotment Complaint and Closure Request was emailed August 21st, 2019

As of Today September 11th, 2019  

The Following list of Organizations have not yet responded.

  1. Center For Biological Diversity
  2. Defenders of Wildlife
  3. Humane Society, Predator Defense
  4. Pacific Northwest Wolf Coalition
  5. Endangered Species Coalition
  6. Western Environmental Law Center
  7. Cascadia Wildliands
  8. California Wolf Center
  9. Project Coyote.

It is past time for All to Join as One Voice with an Organization that has tools available that none of the above listed Groups have on Their Own.

Our Research and Path is Precedent Setting, failure to respond does not shed a positive light on the desire to actually begin stopping what is happening to Your Children’s Resources.

This list will be edited with new additions or deletions from it.×410.png #EndangeredSpeciesList #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington

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