Tribal concerns may drive cattle off Colville allotment Capitol Press

overgrazing, ban grazing allotments
This is what the Colville USFS is allowing to happen on your Childrens Resources better known as “Overgrazing”

Protect The Wolves™ is not only assisting in getting the Kalispel Tribes Approved then denied Cultural Closure back into media Focus. We called the Tribe, Ray Ance Wildlife Director picked our call up and responded immediately. We are coming for McIrvins Allotments.

He is aware we are attempting to get the Tribes Request back into the News. This Approval then Denial may be actionable in the Courts and set the Precedent that Our Sacred Resources are more important than Ranchers Cattle!! With The Public’s help we need to keep livestock from eating the grasses the creators have Provided for them.  Join Our Movement Here:

“The Kalispel Tribe of Indians told the Forest Service that the land was sacred and that cow manure discouraged tribal members from practicing traditional beliefs, curative arts and rites of passage.” those same cultural rights will apply to all Grazing Allotments we believe.

Fountain claims to have a Spiritual interest there? SERIOUSLY? what an outright BS STATEMENT! Guess what  Mr. Fountain, We are not done with you. Just look at the costs $673,000 necessary in the Capital Presses article to keep just this 1 Allotment Open!! It is a despicable burden on ALL Taxpayers, not just Washington States! Capital Presses article at this Link:×225.jpg #BanGrazingAllotments #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves

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