Wolves are No Less Sacred Than Our Brother Grizzly Stop The Killing

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Protect The Wolves

Patricia Herman President™

Roger Dobson Director of Tribal Relations


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August 12th, 2019

Wolves are No Less Sacred Than Our Brother Grizzly

Help Us Stop The Killing

Protect The Wolves Requests Tribal Leaders Medicine Men, Women, as well as Tribal members to Join Them

Washington Judge gives killing The OPT wolf pack go-ahead
WDFW Director Susewind Adds the Togo Pack to His Kill List
To Fill The King County Courthouse

In Memory of The “Original Profanity Peak Pack”

Seattle, WA. August 12th — Washington Judge gives the killing of the OPT wolf pack go-ahead, then WDFW Director Susewind adds the Entire Togo Pack to the kill list.

Protect The Wolves Invites Everyone to Join Them To Fill The King County Courthouse In Memory of The “Original Profanity Peak Pack”. They are also Requesting Tribal Leaders Medicine Men, Women, members to Join Them there.

You can Join Their Movement here: https://continuetogive.com/protectthewolves


  • When: August 16th.
  • Where: King County Courthouse 516 3rd Ave Seattle Wa 98104
  • Time: We will arrive at 7 AM to begin Organizing
  • Hearing for the OPT Pack begins at 9:30 AM
  • We will Be protesting before, during and after the hearing

“Protect The Wolves has reached out to Governor Inslee, Senator John McCoy, and Kevin Ranker for this occasion to request their presence at this hearing, as well as their Press Conference for what is happening to Wolves, not only one of your Children’s invaluable Keystone Species, but also Sacred to Traditional Native Americans” says Roger Dobson Director of Tribal Relations.

“If the issues he claims to care about actually interest him this will be a great Press Opportunity for him to show the Public that he actually practices what he preaches, or is he one that just talks out of both sides of his Mouth?” Says Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves.

This week, Kelly Susewind, the director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, added the Togo Pack to the Kill order. ” We have to question when a director with no Wildlife experience will learn to follow the best available science like Dr. Robert Wielguses research as in their Mission statement.” says Patricia Herman, President Protect The Wolves. She Adds ” It appears that WDFW’s Director is merely interested in appeasing Ranchers while setting their own states Wolf Recovery up for Failure.

Last week, Kelly Susewind, the director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, whom does not have any experience with wildlife nor clearly the proper management skills to manage any of our children’s resources, issued kill orders for the entire Old Profanity Territory pack, included is its eight pack members.

Link to Jay Inslees Press Release titled “Too Little To Late”


The Complaints being from the very same eastern Washington rancher Len and Bill McIrvin of the Diamond M Ranch have triggered the deaths of more than 80 percent of all wolves eliminated by the state, including 18 alone in the Colville National Forest.

To appease the McIrvins  WDFW  has killed wolves from the Wedge Pack in 2012, the Profanity Peak Pack in 2016, the Sherman Pack in 2017,  the Smackout Pack in 2018, and the Old Profanity Territory (OPT) Pack again in 2019. The Diamond M Ranch has refused government range riders in early July, they also payments to compensate them for lost cattle, has recently discarded the use of non-lethal methods, and emphatically demanded more wolf killing. It is as if McIrvin is setting up wolves for WDFW to kill once again.

WDFW is setting out traps to capture wolves and radio collar them. If WDFW is able to catch them, WDFW will then use them to lead their helicopter Gunners with radio telemetry signals to find every single member of the pack, and shoot them with a shotgun from a helicopter! Some Orgs have called this ” a Judas Wolf” which does nothing but mislead the Public with an incorrect Term. This method causes undue suffering and injured wildlife as proven by WDFW in 2016 in their pursuit of the Profanity Peak Pack, when they were unable to locate one of the Profanity Peak Pack members shot.

The McIrvins seem to be hell bent on grazing cattle on public lands merely to provoke the slaughter of wolves. Especially when considering other ranchers throughout Washington state are very effectively using non-lethal methods of managing the occasional conflicts between wolves and ranchers.

So herein lies the question, how many wolves will Jay Inslee allow Susewind to kill to satisfy the unreasonable demands of a single ranching family, who place cattle on habitat that is unsuitable for them but ideal for wolves? He claims to support not Delisting Wolves, Yet allows his WDFG Managers to kill at will.

When Protect The Wolves Questioned USFS’s Range Manager Travis Fletcher In 2016, regarding the allotments, he claimed that he had the authority to close those allotments that were in the best interest for the Wildlife in General and move them. Then in 2017, 2018 USFS’s Range Manager Travis Fletcher refused to discuss Protect The Wolves Petition to close the grazing allotments that are in proximity to the Wolf Dens at Washington’s Wolf Advisory Group Meetings.

Protect The Wolves™ is requesting Tribal Presence Please, including Medicine Men and Women, Tribal Leaders, Sundancers, Ghost Dancers, Tribal Elders, Tribal Members for Our Sacred Wolves.

“Wolves are no less sacred to Traditional Native Americans than Our Brother Grizzly, yet the are treated like Vermin. We do not disrespect the Christians bible, why is it they find it acceptable to not only disrespect, but Kill with Snares, traps, poisons, guns what we have held as Sacred since Time Immemorial.” Says Patricia Herman President of Protect The Wolves.

Join Protect The Wolves™ Movement which includes a path, rights as well as Research not available to the Large NGOS on their Own.

By Joining as One Voice the Power of 57,600 plus followers is Immense. Click Here to Join: https://continuetogive.com/protectthewolves

Grazing Allotment only Causes Damage and Destruction as seen in the images:


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