Wyoming Game and Fish seeks public input

Protect yellowstone wolves, protect the wolves

Yellowstone and Teton Wolves need proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”

Wyoming needs to hear We are tired of them managing our Federal Resources under the influence of Hunters and Ranchers before there are no Wildlife left for Our Children to enjoy. They need to once again hear about Our Proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”. We will be personally calling Director Talbott and again requesting a Meeting with the Tribal Groups that we assembled for his canceled meeting.

Wyoming has proven time and time again not being fit to manage the Public’s Resources. From backing out of meetings to getting caught selling “Outlawed” poisons, to disrespecting Native American Religious Rights by calling our Sacred Species “Vermin”.

Wyoming needs to Hear from Us !!

Comments and suggestions can be submitted in an online forum today and start commenting on important issues to you. The forum is accessible at wgfd.wyo.gov under the ‘get involved’ tab

CHEYENNE—The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking public input as it embarks on a major project to chart a path for the future of Wyoming’s wildlife.

People can offer comments on wildlife and the Game and Fish Department as part of a major research study to develop a new agency-wide strategic plan.

Public input will help shape the first-of-its-kind strategic plan that the Game and Fish plans to use for years to come, according to a press release.

“This is your chance to drive the future of Wyoming’s wildlife,” said Scott Talbott, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. “An opportunity like this does not come around very often and we hope you will take advantage of it and give us your thoughts on the future of wildlife, hunting, fishing and our agency.”

Comments and suggestions can be submitted in an online forum today and start commenting on important issues to you. The forum is accessible at wgfd.wyo.gov under the ‘get involved’ tab. Visitors will be able to post comments on the website until June, 2018.

In February there will be a series of in-person events where the public can comment. There will also be a telephone survey of residents and nonresidents.

Game and Fish will build the strategic plan between March and June of 2018. The agency has partnered with Responsive Management, a survey research firm specializing in capturing and analyzing public opinions toward natural resources and outdoor recreation, and The Cooperation Company, a firm specializing in strategic and operational planning, for this project.

“Our mission is to conserve wildlife and to serve the public. We believe this project will help us do both even better,” Talbott said.

As the agency leading wildlife management in Wyoming, the Game and Fish manages more than 800 species of fish and wildlife across Wyoming.

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And Hunters wonder why the Yellowstone Elk herds are disappearing? DUH

Look People, it truly isnt Rocket Science, when you slaughter the Cows, there is nothing left for breeding. This Cow was killed just outside of Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming Fish and Game need to pull their Heads out and stop hunting Period. This is but 1 of the many Prime Examples of why Wyoming has no Business managing Wildlife Period. The Way they manage our Public Resources, We will have no wildlife Period left for our Children’s Children to enjoy in Yellowstone.

This Particular Hunter even admits it was the most foolish shot hed ever taken… Sounds more like he merely pointed at the Herd and Shot!


Excerpts from the Story:

On Sunday, Dec. 3, Casey Johnson came to our Meeteetse, Wyoming motel room. He would be my guide for the next three days on the cow elk hunt I had booked with Wood River Outfitters. Casey would prove to be strong, athletic, and extremely knowledgeable when it came to elk behavior.

During our pre-hunt motel room session, I learned that the Yellowstone herd — 2,000 to 3,000 of them — was wintering on Carter Mountain, part of the Absaroka Range. The elk were hopefully on the flat beneath the mountain, and in all likelihood, a cow elk would stand and look at me from 65 yards. Casey would be back at 6 a.m. to pick up Mike Hall and me in his quad cab Chevy.

Without thinking, I picked out a cow on the inside edge and followed her in my scope’s crosshairs. I swung a foot ahead and touched the trigger. When the herd cleared, a dead cow lay in the trodden snow. That shot was the most foolish I’ve ever taken in my life, as the consequences could have been disastrous. I was darn lucky.


Source: Wiltz: Luck was on my side in Wyoming | The Daily Republic http://protectthewolves.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/12RUDuQEk4QdIe531DttdF_3SnOmvTcbC.jpg #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInYellowstone

The Latest: Wolf hearing gets off to tense start

Right now there are a number of Bills and poison rider to delist wolves, gut the Endangered Species Act and more.  Wisconsin has also put a new Bill out that has many hunters salivating.  The Bill would prohibit the Department of Natural Resources from spending any money to manage wolves beyond reimbursing people for depredation losses. State law enforcement officers would be barred from enforcing any law relating to wolf management or that prohibits killing wolves. NO PROTECTIONS and poaching will be in full swing.

The Wisconsin Northern Wisconsin Houndsmen Association and the Wisconsin Association of Sporting Dog Clubs cannot wait! They said they have all been waiting far too long to have protections removed for wolves.  Can you imagine?  These psychopaths  BAIT bears with anything they like, such as loads of surgery snacks and grease. They raise their dogs to be vicious killers to brutally hunt down hundreds of bears in this state. These trained dogs have no choice but to follow their owners commands. If anyone has ever seen a bear hounding video, it’s one of the most brutal things you will ever see in your lifetime. We know what will be in store for wolves if we do not take action.

On January 1st Protect the Wolves shared this action post to make it very easy for everyone to take action.

Here is the link to contact ALL Democrat Senators about upcoming bills stripping the endangered species act and delisting wolves.

Email them and paste this message into their comments section

Please block any rider that delist the wolves or harmful to any wildlife as well as our wild horses. Also block any repeal of our EPA regulations . Block any rider harmful to our National Parks and the Antiquities Act. Block any rider that is a big give away of our taxpayer funded public land to the logging , mining and oil industry. Respectfully, (your name)

Plus we have got to take these wolf killing states to court!!  Even $5 or $10 will help if we all pitch in! I know we can do this but please don’t wait until many more wolves are gone forever.  Thank you ~ L.G

The Tribune-

The Latest: Wolf hearing gets off to tense start

MADISON, Wis. — The Latest on a bill that would end state wolf management (all times local):

10:55 a.m.

A public hearing on a Republican bill that would end state wolf management efforts is off to a tense start.

Democratic Rep. Nick Milroy began the proceeding in front of the Assembly natural resources committee Wednesday by complaining that the bill’s chief Assembly sponsor, Republican Adam Jarchow, didn’t show up to address the panel. He said he was disgusted by Jarchow’s absence. He said Jarchow proposed the bill simply to appeal to his conservative base as he heads into a special election for an open state Senate seat Tuesday. He questioned whether the committee’s chairman, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, called the hearing simply to help Jarchow score political points.

That brought a stinging rebuke from Kleefisch, who promised the election has no bearing on the bill and the committee won’t vote on the proposal until after the election is over.

Jarchow aides didn’t immediately reply to an email inquiring why Jarchow didn’t attend the hearing.

The bill would prohibit the Department of Natural Resources from spending any money to manage wolves other than to reimburse people for depredation. State law enforcement officers would be barred from enforcing any federal or state law relating to wolf management or that prohibits killing wolves.

Wisconsin wolves are on the federal endangered species list. The bill would be void if President Donald Trump’s administration removes them from the list.

9:34 a.m.

A legislative committee is set to take comments on a Republican bill that would end the state’s efforts to manage wolves.

The Assembly’s natural resources committee was set to hold what promises to be a charged public hearing on the measure Wednesday.

The bill would prohibit the Department of Natural Resources from spending any money to manage wolves other than to reimburse people for depredation. State law enforcement officers would be barred from enforcing any federal or state law relating to wolf management or that prohibits killing wolves.

Wisconsin wolves are on the federal endangered species list. The bill would be void if President Donald Trump’s administration removes them from the list.

Conservationists warn the bill would end attempts to track wolf population growth and lead to widespread poaching.


Will ODFW go after OR7? 2 more Dead calves blamed on Rogue Pack

or7, protect oregon wolves, protect the wolves

ODFW said though they’re not required,  but state non-lethal measures can be used to reduce livestock depredation.


JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – Two more calves were killed by wolves in Jackson County, just days after another calf was found dead.

On January 4 a cattle producer found a dead calf on private ranchland about six miles southeast of Prospect, in the Boundary Butte area. The 250-pound calf was found about 500 yards from a residence.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife determined the calf was killed by wolves. Evidence implicated the Rogue Pack.

On January 10, another dead calf was found close to a residence in the same area. GPS collar data placed wolf OR54 within ten yards of the carcass at 2:00 that morning. OR54 travels with the Rogue Pack. ODFW believe the calf died during the night of January 9.

The next day, ODFW officials found yet another calf. It’s estimated the calf died on the night of January 10. It was determined to be yet another kill by the Rogue Pack.

The Rogue Pack is known to roam between Jackson and Klamath Counties.

Wolves west of Highways 395, 78, and 95 are federally listed. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regulates all management related to controlling wolf depredation in areas wolves are federally listed.

ODFW said though they’re not required, non-lethal measures can be used to reduce livestock depredation.

Source: 2 more calves killed by wolves in Jackson County – KOBI-TV NBC5 / KOTI-TV NBC2 http://protectthewolves.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/0816-wolf-paw-print-300×169-1.jpg #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInOregon

Killing Wolves Might Protect One Farm’s Cows And Sheep At Expense Of Others . 

protect washington wolves, wolf, wolves, protect the wolves

If states pay attention when they look at both Washington and Oregon from 2016 to 2017, Depredations following their lethal removal slaughter increased not decreased, the have proven Dr. Robert Wielgus Research Accurate

A new study claims government killing of wolves can increase the risk to nearby farms, providing further evidence for the ineffectiveness of the so-called “lethal control” policy approach.

The report also casts doubt on an earlier research paper, which government agencies often use to support the practice.

The research adds to a stack of recent scientific papers that question the often-used practice of killing predators to reduce the chances of attacks on cattle, sheep and other livestock. Wildlife managers across the West trap and kill wolves, cougars and coyotes and other predators, and lethal control has become more common for wolves in Oregon and Washington as their populations have grown. But many scientists contend there’s little good evidence for the effectiveness of those efforts.

Northwest Wolf Populations

The number of wolves has grown rapidly since they first returned to Northwest states. As their numbers grow, the likelihood increases of encounters with cattle and sheep.

Tony Schick/OPB/EarthFix

Published Wednesday in the online journal PLOS ONE, a research team from the University of Wisconsin analyzed 17 years of data collected on wolves and farms in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

They found killing a small number of wolves might potentially reduce the risk of future wolf attacks for the targeted farm by a small amount. But it also increased the risk for nearby farms up to about 3 miles away.

The increase could be from remaining wolves scattering, new ones moving in or fractured packs struggling to hunt elk and turning to easier prey.

“You have this small group of satisfied livestock owners, who might be ecstatic about how successful lethal intervention is on their land,” Francisco Santiago-Ávila, the lead author, said. “While their neighbors are suddenly suffering more losses, and they don’t know why.”

Wolf Deaths and Livestock Attacks

Over the years, confirmed cattle and sheep deaths have increased. The spikes in the number of wolves killed follow repeated incidents of predation on livestock.

Source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Santiago-Ávila said the combination could result in an inflated perception of the effectiveness and necessity for lethal control. Some studies have found non-lethal wolf deterrents, such as the use of guardian dogs and fencing, to be effective. But they, too, are lacking in solid evidence and their adoption has been inconsistent.

Source: Killing Wolves Might Protect One Farm’s Cows And Sheep At Expense Of Others . News | OPB http://protectthewolves.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/drwielgus-3.jpg #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInWashington

Jeff Flake wants to remove federal protections for Mexican gray wolves

protect the wolves, protect mexican gray wolves, phoenix


Flake is a fitting name. We need to get these types of officials into court soon while we still have wolves left.

Sen. Jeff Flake is seeking to remove federal Endangered Species Act protections from the Mexican gray wolves roaming Arizona and New Mexico.

Flake, R-Ariz., last week introduced a bill to lift the animals’ endangered status if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determines there are at least 100 wolves in the Blue Range recovery area overlapping the two states’ boundary.

At last count a year ago there were 113.

Shaking off federal protections would place wolves solely under state management. It’s an idea that Arizona ranchers have advocated to limit wolf kills of animals in livestock herds and to end federal regulation complications.

“This is the clear way to get out of the (federal) program and yet still have wolves on the ground,” said Patrick Bray, executive vice president of the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association.

Wolf advocates say such a low population would doom the wolves to extinction, as they already suffer in-breeding and illegal killings.

The 100-wolf threshold grew out of a 1982 recovery plan that the Fish and Wildlife Service wrote when there were no Mexican gray wolves living in the wild. The wolves, a smaller subspecies of the gray wolves roaming Yellowstone National Park and other northern regions, had disappeared from the Southwest and biologists had gathered the last handful from Mexico to start a captive breeding program.

Reintroduction began in 1998, when former Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt was U.S. Interior secretary.

Last November the federal agency updated its recovery goal to 320 wolves in the U.S. At that time Flake called the plan “another federal regulatory nightmare” for ranchers.

Bray commended the senator for trying to rein in the program before the predator’s numbers explode.

“If (100 wolves) was good enough in 1982, it should be good enough in 2018,” Bray said.

SEE ALSO: Gray wolf recovery plan met with criticism

Wolf advocates have long argued that the old 100-wolf goal was just a first benchmark to keep reintroduction expectations realistic, and had no scientific basis. Since then the science — including the biological basis for last year’s plan update — has indicated that 100 wolves cannot be self-sustaining, said Bryan Bird, Southwest program manager for Defenders of Wildlife.

Conservationists thought the new 320-wolf goal too low, he said, but the states supported it. Now, he argued, Flake wants to undo the agency’s experts and their compromises with the states.

“It’s politics instead of science,” Bird said. If protections are removed now, “The species would be virtually guaranteed to go extinct in the wild.”



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Object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green, (36-CFR 218.7) Project 3049.

Speakout against grizzly delisting

Object to and oppose extending cattle grazing

in the Upper Green

Your Page clearly stated all Objections emailed by the 8th of January 2018.

Pinedale Ranger District
29 East Fremont Lake Rd. P.O. Box 220, Pinedale, WY, 82941
[email protected]


David Booth and Objection Reviewing Officer:


Dear Sirs, This is a formal request to add me to list of concerned Citizens who are to be contacted with regard to the scoping of such projects as the Upper Green Grazing Project.


Please put me on your list of citizens to inform of any and all other NEPA projects now and future considered in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.


Protect The Wolves™ Sanctuary A Native American 501c3

Patricia Herman President

Roger Dobson Director



Further  We would like our comment filed and considered in this FEIS process, it was emailed on the 8th per your page.


The National Forest while managed by the Department of Agriculture is forest management in the public trust for all Wyoming Citizens, US Forest Service comes under the aspect of All Peoples, Native American as well as the entire Public of the USA.. I object to a few wealthy landowners, Ranchers and politicians controlling the riparian areas of the upper green.


We have friends and Volunteers that have ridden horseback through the cattle allotments in the Upper Green on numerous occasions, it is beyond disturbing to observe and not fun. The cattle are very aggressive. They have charged our friends horses, They are all over the willows in the river bottom, where a cow and calf moose of which we have far too few cannot compete. I am also commenting on the pollution factor of the water. There is currently case law that establishes Water Protection in Riparian Areas, Case Law already establishes that it need not even be within Reservation Boundaries. Cattle deposit excrement as well as Urine in the water systems which makes it unfit for human consumption as well as spreads disease to other Animals. in riparian areas. – Livestock tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time in and near riparian areas, that cause further degradation, which is not correctable with cattle in those areas. Cattle need to be kept from those Riparian areas to insure that our water quality remains good for all parties involved including wildlife.


The reality is the cattle are all through the riparian areas at the detriment of the wildlife and really at the detriment of many recreational users of the forest.


We further would like to enter an extremely stern objection to your proposed forage utilization of 60% in uplands and 65% in riparian/meadow areas and all other allotments. This amount of overgrazing leaves nothing present for our Children’s Wildlife Resources. You are thereby creating further problems by allowing this amount of consumption in areas that are feeding areas to Ungulates. If you remove the Ungulates food in the summer, they have nothing to feed on through the winter causing lower lying Ranchers issues when those very same ungulates travel to seek out sustenance, which the creator placed within our National Forests for their own explicit use.


Further it is neither appropriate nor acceptable to allow the use of our forest and make it a cattle first, and other forest users beware, land use. It is Wildlife, Environment and Public use rights first as per the Wyoming Constitution, US Forest Service Grazing Allotments are to be protected for the entire Public which includes all peoples in the USA. These rights are further protected for the Indigenous as well as the Public under the Indian as well as Public Trusts.


I object to the continued cattle grazing in the Upper Green, and also because, the elk reduction in the Bridger Teton National Forest has resulted in a drastic loss of natural food source for Our Sacred Grizzly Bear, Wolves, and other carnivores.


We see that as the National Forest Continues to participate with the WGFD and even with the GTNP in the reduction of our Jackson and other elk herds our carnivores pay a huge price, Humans have no business attempting to manage Mother Natures life forms and using cattle as chum for Predators in the national forest needs to come to a close.


With cattle present, all of our wildlife’s resources depleted at the levels that you are prescribing, the game will be drastically reduced if not gone, which when predators fill the void created by the cattle is their demanded slaughter by Ranchers. The cattle should not be in the forest period. The Old West Mentality that Cattlemen believe they have the right to kill all carnivores essentially on sight and I have read every mortality report of the Grizzly Bear in the upper green 1988 to 2014 and know bear are shot by the ranchers and it does not take a seasoned criminal defense attorney to see that fact.


These cattle operations do not respect the balance of nature required to operate within the the Publics National forests. If the cattle are allowed in the forest the rules to protect the other wildlife must be strict. Limit the cattle use of the riparian, willowed areas, by creating strict buffer zones, require dogs, protecting the cattle on site at all times to deter predators. Require range riders to protect the cattle and to remove all dead cattle immediately so there can be no chumming of predators to the cattle. Cattlemen are not allowed to kill apex predators, Grizzly Bear and wolves, WGFD is required to manage and record these incidents, by regulations still lacking for grizzly bear management at the state level.


For these reasons and additional which would have been detailed had I been included in the scoping as requested previously I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green, (36-CFR 218.7) Project 3049.

  http://protectthewolves.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/GrizzlyandWolf.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInYellowstone

Norway’s Wolves are on the Brink of Extinction. Please sign the petition!

The wolf have been blamed for livestock losses just like here in the United States because of irresponsible livestock producers. Each year there are over 2 million sheep released into the forests & mountains of Norway without supervision. You think that might be a temptation for wolves on wide open land just like here in the United States?

Barely 2% of livestock losses are from wolves and over 100,000 sheep die for other reasons.  Still, Norway decided to ahead with a wolf hunt which began on January 2nd and ends February 15th. It would be the largest mass slaughter in 40 years! Norway is set on wiping out most of the population.

The wolf is now critically endangered in Norway with only around 56 wolves in all of southern Norway and killing 42 of then would wipe out the population that’s been carefully revived over the past four decades.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Norwegian said that adoration for nature is a vital ingredient in the country’s national identity yet they slaughter hundreds of whales each year. Last year 880 whales were killed and now they want to kill the few remaining wolves.  They do not deserve one tourist dollar from anyone! Not one product from Norway should be purchased.

Many are hoping that with enough public outcry worldwide we could possibly stop this hunt from continuing. Please sign the petition and share with everyone. https://www.opprop.net/ja_til_ulv_i_norsk_natur_nei_til_stortingets_utrydningspolitikk#sign 

For those that tweet, there will be a tweet sheet ready by 12:00 pm EST on Sunday, Jan. 7th provided by “In the Shadow of the Wolf”


Thank you~ L.G  http://protectthewolves.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/wolf-in-norway-300×200.jpg

Suit to stop federal agency wolf killings in Idaho rejected 

protect the wolves, sacred resource protection zone

USDA FWS Goon Squad killed 56 wolves in Idaho in 2017, all due to attacks on livestock reportedly. Grim said the agency killed 70 wolves in Idaho in 2016 — 50 due to livestock attacks and 20 to relieve pressure on elk herds in northern Idaho. There the Humans go again thinking they can manage or forsee what Mother Nature has planned for her species.

Todd Grimm is a USDA Supervisor that allows m-44s to be deployed wherever they want and almost resulted in the Deaths of Canyon and his Father, but did kill their Dog Casey. Grimm needs to be replaced due to neglect and near causing the Deaths of Human Beings due to simple Negligence!


A federal agency doesn’t need to do a new environmental study before being allowed to kill more wolves in Idaho, a federal court judge has ruled.

U.S. District Court Judge Edward Lodge on Thursday ruled in favor of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services of Idaho and against Western Watersheds Project and four other environmental groups.

Lodge said that even if Wildlife Services stopped killing wolves in Idaho, it wouldn’t matter because the Idaho Department of Fish and Game manages wolves in the state and has demonstrated it can kill wolves, hire third parties to kill wolves, or increase hunting and trapping for wolves. He said that meant the environmental groups lacked standing to bring the lawsuit.

“Plaintiffs have not shown that the relief they seek will redress their claimed injuries,” Lodge wrote.

Laird Lucas, an attorney at Advocates for the West representing the groups, said the ruling will be appealed.

“We believe the court’s holding that plaintiffs lacked standing, based on speculation that Idaho Department of Fish and Game could take over all of Wildlife Services’ wolf-killing activities in Idaho, is incorrect.”

Lodge didn’t rule on the main thrust of the environmental groups’ arguments, including one that contended Wildlife Services’ 2011 study that allowed it to kill wolves in the state is flawed because it relies on outdated information. The groups also say that the outdated information includes Idaho choosing to use a 2002 wolf management plan that requires 15 packs minimum in the state, which the groups contend is not enough for a viable population.

Todd Grimm, Idaho State Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, said Lodge was right in that Idaho Fish and Game is capable of controlling wolves as well as the federal agency.

“We are pleased with the decision by the court, and we will continue working with our Idaho Fish and Game partners to manage wolf conflicts,” he said Friday.

Grim said that his agency killed 56 wolves in Idaho in 2017, all due to attacks on livestock. He said the agency killed 70 wolves in Idaho in 2016 — 50 due to livestock attacks and 20 to relieve pressure on elk herds in northern Idaho.

The last intensive wolf count in Idaho was in 2015 when officials said the state had an estimated 786 wolves at the end of the year. That’s also the last year Idaho Fish and Game was required to do that type of count after wolves were removed from the Endangered Species List.

Roger Phillips, a spokesman for the agency, said biologists now get a general estimate of wolf populations using remote cameras, tracking wolf kills by hunters and trappers, and doing genetic studies. He said Friday that genetic studies give an estimate of 53 wolf packs in the state, while cameras and harvest tallies put the estimate at 90 packs.

He said the agency estimates the wolf population in Idaho is still about the same as at the end of 2015 — between 750 and 800 wolves.

“We have seen no dramatic increase or decrease in the last five years, which leads us to believe that it’s a stable population,” he said.

Source: Suit to stop federal agency wolf killings in Idaho rejected | Idaho Statesman http://protectthewolves.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/electedofficials-750×498-750×498-750×498.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectIdahoWolves #ProtectTheWolves

Yellowstone and Teton Wolves need a Miracle in 2018

You can be part of that very Miracle that we are speaking of.

Yellowstone and Teton Wolves need a Miracle in 2018

Wyoming has needlessly Slaughtered 44 possible Park Wolves 76 in all since season opened Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 photo credit: RJ PiskoREDDING, CA – 01/04/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Americans have continually taken for granted their right to exterminate any creature that poses a danger, ever since they first arrived on Turtle Island. They annihilated the Buffalo to try to starve out the Native Americans, placed bounties on wolves, and other predators that they have decided they did not want to remain competing with.

Our Sacred Yellowstone and Teton Wolf brothers are being ruthlessly slaughtered in Wyoming, which is only the first species. If We allow the greedy Elected Officials and State Agencies to continue to be influenced by Special Interest Livestock Lobby, Our Sacred Grizzly Brother will be next. As of December 31st, 76 total wolves, 44 of which could have been possible National Park Resources along with 32 others have been needlessly slaughtered. Wyoming continues to disrespect and ignore Our Religious Beliefs by calling our Sacred Wolves “Vermin”.

Earlier this year Protect The Wolves™ petitioned Wyoming Game and Fish to change Hunting Regulations as well as establish a  “Sacred Resource Protection Zone” surrounding National Parks along with changing their hunting regulations to not allow baiting, night time hunting with spotlights, along with making it illegal to shoot a collared wolf. Collaring Wolves like Elk is very expensive, and taxpayers end up footing the bill.

Wyoming Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott agreed to a meeting with Protect The Wolves™ Pack,  and the Tribal Groups that we had assembled, along with Western Watersheds Project Director Erik Molvar. The Rocky Mtn Dept of Justice helped to set up the meeting. 3 days before the face to face meeting was to happen, Wyoming Game and Fishes Director Scott Talbott canceled, stating “He only wanted to meet with Director Roger Dobson with Protect The Wolves™ Pack.

Needless to say the Regulation Petition to WGF fell on deaf ears, further they did not give any weight to the over 400,000 signatures collected by Dr. Tony Povilitis of Campaign for Yellowstones Wolves, who had asked to accompany our Regulation Petition with his signatures.

The only language that Wyoming Game and Fishes Director will understand will be that coming from a Judge.

If you enjoy seeing Yellowstone Wolves It is now more imperative than ever that we come together to establish a “Sacred Resource Protection Zone” Surrounding our National Parks. Join us Today to become the Howl that will be heard around the World, and begin righting the wrongs created by special interest influence from  the Livestock Industry once and for all! We will begin putting 1 state in Court Every Single Month as soon as 57,500 of Our Facebook followers become part of the Miracle and join the Howl.

Protect The Wolves™ is a Native American 501c3


read the story here: https://pressreleasejet.com/news/yellowstone-and-teton-wolves-need-a-miracle-in-2018.html https://pressreleasejet.com//uploads/newsreleases/yellowstone-and-teton-wolves-need-a-miracle-in-2018.jpg #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInYellowstone