Norway’s Wolves are on the Brink of Extinction. Please sign the petition!

The wolf have been blamed for livestock losses just like here in the United States because of irresponsible livestock producers. Each year there are over 2 million sheep released into the forests & mountains of Norway without supervision. You think that might be a temptation for wolves on wide open land just like here in the United States?

Barely 2% of livestock losses are from wolves and over 100,000 sheep die for other reasons.  Still, Norway decided to ahead with a wolf hunt which began on January 2nd and ends February 15th. It would be the largest mass slaughter in 40 years! Norway is set on wiping out most of the population.

The wolf is now critically endangered in Norway with only around 56 wolves in all of southern Norway and killing 42 of then would wipe out the population that’s been carefully revived over the past four decades.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Norwegian said that adoration for nature is a vital ingredient in the country’s national identity yet they slaughter hundreds of whales each year. Last year 880 whales were killed and now they want to kill the few remaining wolves.  They do not deserve one tourist dollar from anyone! Not one product from Norway should be purchased.

Many are hoping that with enough public outcry worldwide we could possibly stop this hunt from continuing. Please sign the petition and share with everyone. 

For those that tweet, there will be a tweet sheet ready by 12:00 pm EST on Sunday, Jan. 7th provided by “In the Shadow of the Wolf”   

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