As of noon today, 105 wolves Slaughtered in the state of Montana


As of noon today, 105 wolves in the state of Montana have lost their lives to trophy hunters.

Unit 101 has 18 kills;

Unit 390 17 kills;

Unit 290 with 14,

The other units range between 1 and 8.

Too many of our beloved wolves of Montana are losing their lives just to appease the trophy hunters and livestock industry. Where is their coexistence management tools? Why arent they being used more, we know that there are good Ranchers that in fact know how to coexist in Montana.
It is beyond disappointing that MFWS Commission and Agency have turned a deaf ear to how essential the Grey Wolf would be in their state in controlling Chronic Wasting Disease in the state, the added income from Yellowstone’s Visitors. An immediate moratorium on wolf trophy hunting should have been put in place at their meeting last week. It is also Very Disappointing that MFWS Ignored our Petition to add our  Proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”. They could not even be bothered to Respond!
Beginning tomorrow the Grey Wolf not only has rifle hunters to deal with, they will now have to beware of traps and snares as the legal trapping of the Grey Wolf starts and runs through February 28,2018. This barbaric practice needs to stop. There is no justification for it to continue in modern time.

National Park Wildlife are in dire need of our Proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”. Help us get this much needed conservation tool to come to pass by Joining our Voice.

Thank You

Patricia and Roger

Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInMontana

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