WDFW Spends 119,577.92 Taxpayer Dollars on Profanity Peak Packs Slaughter


Public Records Request PDR# 16476

Taxpayers need to know what Martorellos Vendetta against the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack has Cost them.

Well I am having a real hard time stomaching this, it cost you the taxpayers $119,577.92,  It is amazing how much money was spent on retirement and insurance costs.This cost needs to be absorbed by those Ranchers that Graze the National Forest Grazing Allotments for next to free….

We have to get these Grazing Allotments terminated not only for the sake of our wildlife, But of our taxpayer Dollars. We will be posting the Entire costs that Ranchers have cost you in Washington State this evening as well. It is going to be truly a Large number that will sicken everyone.


Profanity Pack Removal Costs through 10/27/16

Profanity Peak Pack Slaughter Costs

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